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Se hai compiuto 18 anni e vorresti partecipare ai nostri casting, invia due foto (figura intera e primo piano) a inserendo i tuoi dati e indicando come oggetto NEW FACES.
Tantocosì speaks to all of us, but women in particular, because living in a world without women, would be like half of the sky is missing. Every woman has different sides that make her special.
Every woman has a cute side that wishes she wouldn’t grow-up, that she would just hug and play with her favorite pet forever. However, there are days in which even the most beautiful woman, looking at herself in the mirror, doesnn't feel pretty and isn't happy with herself. Then, there are days when she feels like the most beautiful woman in the world. Tantocosì believes that affection and friendship can turn any normal day into a special one and wishes to bring love and happiness to everyone!
Women need to be in control of their own life. They deserve to have a job that suits them, to be treated fairly, to have real chances to make a difference in this world. because they make a difference every day in every corner of the world, even when they do it quietly, staying in the shadows. Tantocosì is the sun that wishes to make the shadow dissapear and bring every person back into the bright side of the world.



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